Productivity Increases, Cost Reduction and Optimisation


Operational expertise

Our operational work is dedicated at but not limited to reducing costs, improving productivity and improving reporting and management philosophies.


Surface operations

  • Drill and blast improvement looking at equipment availability and utilization, blasting pattern designs(including powder factor), mine plan execution and optimisation, and if applicable explosives contract renegotiations.
  • Truck and shovel utilization improvement is achieved by improving equipment availability and utilization, increasing in-pit recovery and mine planning and scheduling
  • Dragline operational improvement – Availability, utilization, dig rate, rehandle, walk and dig plan
  • Benchmarking – the team leverages on solid mining industry experience and partnerships to deliver on the most up-to date and relevant benchmarking exercises.
  • Safety Benchmark


Underground hard rock operations

  • Capacity and capability studies
  • Mine de-bottlenecking
  • Mine call factor
  • Systematic reduction of repeat maintenance failures
  • Reduced production variation
  • Front-line coaching
  • Equipment and performance Benchmarking
  • Safety benchmarking


Underground mining operations

  • Top six performance management approach for continuous miners operations
  • Longwall change out times improvement
  • Equipment availability and utilization
  • Supervisory coaching
  • Safety benchmarking


Contract mining

  • Clean sheet cost modeling focusing on sourcing better, using less and reducing wastage
  • Through-put improvement focusing on debottlenecking and increasing utilization and availability
  • Contractor management with main focus on establishing KPIs, incentive management and establishing clarity around specific roles of both parties
  • Contract re-negotiation



  • NRR experts are specialist in medium term (mine level) and long term (company level) strategy development and implementation. At NRR, we seek to understand our client’s priority areas and grow their services in line with the client’s need. At mine level, NRR focuses on Life of Mine plan, reserves optimisation and long term planning and scheduling. Under long term strategy, NRR focuses on amongst others Projects portfolio optimizations, Market entry strategies, Business turnarounds and general Project Management


CAPEX optimisation

At NRR, our priority is to ensure that our clients get the right returns from capital expenditure whether on green field or brown field projects. We assist mining companies to focus on five aspects of their capital:

  • Minor and major projects
  • Sustaining capital
  • In-process inventories
  • Working capital
  • Maintenance and operational inventory


Procurement and supply chain

With increasing pressure to reduce costs in the mining industry, NRR can help clients cut costs, choose more dependable suppliers and through developing effective procurement strategies. We assist our clients understand impacts of supply on the operational economics, the importance of having a strong network of suppliers and the value of world-class procurement. Our main focus is:

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Rapid sourcing
  • In-or Outsourcing

"Our services model is constructed on the knowledge acquired over years of experince, analysis and generation of new ideas"